Oracle Database Services

Oracle Database Technology is some of the most powerful and sophisticated software ever written.

Do you want to trust your Oracle investment to just anybody?


My name is Frank Brammer and I am the founder of Brammer Information Solutions, LLC.

I've been an Oracle DBA since Oracle version 5 and a consultant most of my career.  I've seen thousands of systems.  Over 90% of them are improperly installed, configured and managed.  Most businesses are getting a fraction of the of the power they are paying for by investing in Oracle Technology!

Imagine this scenario.  Your company sells and distributes office products.  You purchase a fleet of trucks to make deliveries.  Since the trucks are a necessary cost and not core to your business you delegate the management of the trucks to your Operations Manager.  Being a very cost conscious company the operations manager does not want to hire a fleet manager, logistics manager or professional mechanic to manage the trucks.  He pays the company he bought the trucks from to configure and deliver them.  He uses the building maintenance man to do maintenance on the trucks.  He tells the sales staff to work with the shipping department to schedule deliveries.  This arrangement works great for a while, but the cost of operating the trucks is much higher then estimated.  Then after a few months one of the trucks breaks down with a major repair and the drivers are complaining that the trucks are running rough.  You call in an expensive consultant to help get these trucks under control.  Turns out your handyman isn't a mechanic.  He changes the oil regularly, but otherwise is at a loss.  Your shipping department has some hard working labors, but your manager is far from a logistics expert and your sales people are telling to ship everything now.  The trucks are running around all day 50-90% empty.  You have invested good capital in good equipment, but the equipment is not properly used and maintained.  It doesn't take an MBA to see this company needs a dedicated professional managing the trucks.  Perhaps it's not a full time job, but the role needs to be filled by an expert in fleet management and logistics.

Most Oracle systems are poorly maintained and managed.  Often hundreds of thousand if not millions have been invested by businesses in hardware and software only to get little performance.  More often then not I find that poorly managed systems are not backed up at all.  In many cases, the IT manager believes the backups are working when they aren't.  It's very common to find a client with a very expensive piece of hardware that has tons of available resources and the database is configured to only use a fraction of them.  It takes very little time to check these conditions and insure your company is getting it full value from its Oracle investment.  Geography is not an issue.  We support systems in North Carolina, Canada and Hong Kong.

Here is my proposal.  Let us talk.  Your system and situation is unique.  I do not want to give a boiler plate answer or menu of services.  BrammerIS provides a service.  We can only effectively deliver that service if we know your needs.  Feel free to call me at (704) 443-8432 or email me at

Thank you.